ClickCeaseHalen one stop shop approach has multiple services in one super app


One Stop Shop

Halen’s one-stop-shop approach has all of these services in one company, one app, accessible on one screen. You choose, we move


The glue that holds it all together, ride-share. After all, we have to get to you in order to get you to where you want to be.

Grocery Delivery

Filling up your fridge with the family goodies without having to wait in the checkout line will quickly become your favorite.

Food Delivery

The next service to go mobile and door to door. Having a ready-made meal magically appear with a smile is always a good thing

Retail Delivery

Not having to make battle plans to get your dry cleaning, medication, and that gorgeous new pair of shoes can be a lifesaver

Vacation Rental

Fun, sun, and nothing to get done, that’s the perfect getaway. Reserve a fabulous vacation rental here, completely worry-free.

Flight Booking

If you need to get here, there, or anywhere, right now, you can book a flight quicker than you can say, “roundtrip to Hawaii”.

Recognizing that our employees, franchisee and affiliate drivers are the backbone of our business is the key to our industry's evolution.

Edward Mbeche

Founder & CEO

Halen's Employee-Centric Culture

What is an “employee-centric” culture? Well, it’s an intentionally cultivated environment where ideas, creativity, and communication are encouraged throughout an organization. Suggestions, observations and concerns are not just taken seriously, they are encouraged to be expressed and shared. “Centric employees” have a personal stake in the business they are in and it manifests in pride in what they do.

Centric companies don’t just focus on their bottom lines, but on the their employees and their overall happiness within the work community. When that focus is felt by the employees, it increases your growth potential exponentially. That makes it a no-brainer for Halen to strive for. Because the simple fact is that by looking after our employees, they can then focus their attention on our clients and look after them and what's in their best interest.

An employee-centric culture allows you to give more to your employees without significant costs to the company. Structuring your organization around the well-being of your employees can actually save you money down the line. Some of the positive byproducts of such an environment include an increase in productivity. A feeling of respect and consideration makes an employee more invested in his duties, which brings about a higher productivity level. Attracting higher quality talent is also more likely because let's face it, good news travels fast. And a company that supports its employees in a meaningful way will always compete with one that is only concerned with their profit margins. Because there is value in being valued.